Google Books Importer Plugin

Google Books Importer provides easy to use interface for import of books from using Google’s API

This plugin imports data from site using Google’s API. Following data is pulled and can be imported to wordpress:

Volume Info
  • title
  • subtitle
  • authors
  • publisher
  • publishedDate
  • description
  • pageCount
  • categories
  • averageRating
  • smallThumbnail
  • mediumImage
  • largeImage
  • thumbnail
  • language
  • previewLink
  • infoLink
Sale Info
  • saleability
  • isEbook
Access info
  • viewability
  • epubacsTokenLink
  • pdfdownloadlink
  • webReaderLink

Admin page provides easy to use interface where you can map fields and choose where data is going to be stored. Values can be stored as posts ( or other post type ) in posts table, categories ( for “post” type only ) and custom fields as postmeta


14 thoughts on “Google Books Importer Plugin

  1. Hi! Great work! Just what I was looking for… almost.

    My goal is to integrate it in fronted of Woocommerce for a Books Store.
    Do you know if there is something? Thanks!

    1. hi Enzo,

      This plugin will allow you to import google books in Products post type of Woocommerce, in fields mapping section choose “product” for post type. Values which you can import by default are title, description, excerpt and category while other data provided by Google Books can be imported as custom fields. However, Woocommerce products require specific custom field keys which you can’t control with plugin, but I will be adding this in next plugin update, it would be useful option

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for a very promising plugin, could be very useful for a project I’m working on. Importing books with your plugin works, but it would be great if you could map specific woocommerce fields to specific google books data. Looks like it could be possible.

    Are you planning on an update with woocommerce integration?

    1. hi Rizal

      This means that there was a problem with connection to google API. Are you using API key or you are running import without it? If there was lots of requests without API key than API quota may be exceeded

    1. hello

      Not all of the fields from saleInfo and accessInfo are used, saleInfo fields which are available are ‘saleability’ and ‘isEbook’. For accessInfo fields are viewability, epubacsTokenLink, acsTokenLink/downloadLink (as part of ‘pdfdownloadlink’ custom field) and ‘webReaderLink’

  3. Hi
    Thanks a lot for the plug-in. It does great things!
    Is there a way to use the search area in the front-end (in a multivendor marketplace), through a widget or a popup, or something else?


    1. hi Anna-Claire

      If you can find a search plugin or form which can search custom post types than you can just set it to search for post type where you imported google books

  4. good evening
    the plugin import books in the category “articles”. How to import into the category “products” of woocommerce?

    1. hi,

      It’s only possible to import them into Post categories, it doesn’t have option for custom taxonomy at the moment

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